What’s the big deal with Glamping?

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Lets start off by clarifying what ‘Glamping’ means… just in case you haven’t had it come up in your conversations on what are the best things to do in life at the moment. It refers to the latest trending craze of ‘Glamourous Camping’, and who wouldn’t like a bit of Glamour (or creature comfort) thrown into their camping? No more sleeping on the hard ground, getting wet in the rain, sweating through the heat… think of it more like a hotel room wrapped in canvas 🙂

Over the past 2 years, I’ve spent countless hours researching what the current Glamping resorts are offering and there is quite a range out there globally. Some of the high-end Glamping options are a-maz-ing accommodation that is so unique and comfortable that you would never want to leave. Then there are plenty of options at the other end of the scale. Bell tents or teepees that don’t even come with an ensuite, which I feel is the minimum feature that is required if you are going to call yourself a Glamping option.

So after all this research, I decided that there need to be some further innovations in order to provide a superior experience to my guests. The major factor that seemed obvious to me was the need for insulation in the roof and walls of the tent. Not only do you have protection from the outside weather elements, but there is also sound and light protection which will make the stay that much more enjoyable. The insulation is rated at R3, which may not mean much… it didn’t to me, but it sounded impressive. Well, it turns out that the insulation makes a huge difference. I was inside when it was about 10 degrees outside and it was noticeably warmer inside. No heating required, just the protection from the chill outside was enough.

I also made sure there were polished floorboards, as well as a spacious decking area of 10sqm to enjoy a glass of wine after a hard day of relaxing 🙂

Of course, there is also the ensuite that includes a hot shower, a fully functional (flushing) toilet and a washbasin. In case you were wondering, there are 3 x 100ltr tubs under the tent that hold the ‘grey’ water and the facilities are powered by pumps that run off a car battery, which in turn is recharged by a solar panel. This allows the tent to be completely off the grid and allows it to be situated in areas that other accommodation options wouldn’t work in.

After building this unique tent, what else is on offer? Well, being situated in fantastic outdoor locations, such as wineries, allows for special experiences and what I like to call a ‘digital detox’. One of the tours that I want to offer is called a ‘gourmet safari’ which is where a private chef, who will guide you around the local farms to source fresh produce and then return to ‘camp’ to whip up some dishes to enjoy with the produce and some ‘magic’.

These Glamping retreats are ideal for special occasions and events. Think of treating a loved one to a romantic weekend getaway in the great outdoors with fresh air and as much peace & quiet as you need. If this appeals to you, then you are starting to get why Glamping is such a big deal 🙂

I’d love to hear your questions, feedback or thoughts on my Glamping offer and feel free to contact me at todd@australas.com.

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