Welcome to Australas
Enjoy the Glamping lifestyle for only $4,000 and earn $600 per year

Own your very own Glamping tent and let Australas rent it out to generate a 15% yield on your investment

Glamping is extremely popular and here is your chance to have a piece of the opportunity.

There are plenty of people who are excited about the chance to finally go camping in style and comfort. Imagine waking up in the fresh morning air, as well as the sounds of the native wildlife, to welcome you to another day in the great outdoors.

You will feel relaxed after a sound sleep in your very own insulated Glamping tent, and ready to go exploring the local area, or just chill, the choice is all up to you.

Australas was established to enable Glamping to happen at some amazing locations around the Perth metro area.  Whether it’s a weekend getaway at WA’s oldest homestead, a winery in the Swan Valley, or staring at the stars at the Gingin observatory, there are plenty of locations that are just waiting for this uniquely Australian accommodation offering.

So what makes this tent soooooo special?

Firstly, the frame is uniquely designed to look & feel like the perfect tent that fits in anywhere.

The frame uses the latest clip bracket system from KwikTech that enables fast assembly of the tent on site, along with durable steel beams, that will stand up to the tough Aussie climate.

Our unique tent frame design

The next big feature is that the tent is insulated… that’s right, in-su-lated! The canvas ‘blanket’ that covers the frame has Earthwool batts inside, that provides R2.0 protection from the elements. This is the same type of insulation usually found in homes or offices, and is the first time anywhere in the world that a tent will provide you with this level of comfort during the colder and warmer months. Now we can Glamp all year round!

Lastly, our tents will come with 12v power to operate lighting, fans/heaters and of course, charge your gadgets!

What more could you ask for in a Glamping tent? Seriously, if you know of a better tent design, do let us know! 🙂

Location overview

This project is to offer 40 tents to the Buckland Estate site, situated 90 minutes from Perth in the Avon Valley area, as there are already 30 weddings booked in this year… and filling up fast. Although there are some cottages and homestead accommodation on offer, when you have over 80 guests at your wedding, the Australas Glamping tents come in handy… because no one wants to drive home after enjoying a wedding at this great location.
 Not only will there be accommodation fees generated from the existing weddings, but the venue also lends itself for other occasions such as yoga retreats, birthday celebrations and other amazing events to further generate fantastic experiences that create memories that last a lifetime for our guests.
You can find out more about Buckland at their website here:

How do I receive my $600 per year from this project? 

The business model for Australas is based on renting out your Glamping tent for weddings and other events. From this revenue, you are able to receive a return on your asset (tent).

The tents will be rented out for around $150 per night. $100 will go for site fees and housekeeping and the remainder of the revenue will be used to pay the yield to the owner.

So after 12 night of accomodation fees are booked, the yield can be paid to you from this revenue.

As you have bought the tent during this campaign, the asset will be registered to you. You may wish to sell your asset at some stage and this is possible.

More on this process will be covered in the FAQ section by clicking on the FAQ tab above.

This all sounds good, so how do I get involved in this project?

The first step is to register your email with us in the form on the right of this page, so we can send you details on the opportunity, as well as our contract, to review.

Once you sign up, we will take a 50% deposit to start building your tent.

The tent will take no more than 3 weeks to build. When the tent is completed, we’ll send you pics, or you can come look at it, and we’ll then request the final 50% payment. 

We’ll email you the certificate of ownership of the tent upon the final instalment being made, and you can then expect to receive your first yield payment in the next 90 days.

Can I invest in more than one tent?

Absolutely! 🙂 Just let us know how many you are interested in and we’ll confirm the amount for you quickly.

What happens if I miss out on this project?

Best thing is to register your interest with us and we’ll let you know of future projects that you can participate in. The future projects may not be offering the same returns, so best to get in fast on this one, as existing participants will also be given priority on the future projects.

Where are the tents made?

We have a factory in Bullsbrook that will oversee the manufacturing of your tent. The canvas work is outsourced and the raw materials are purchased from the relevant suppliers.

We feel that making the tents locally allows us to control the quality and timelines.

What is Australas responsible for with operating my tent?

Our responsibilities cover the upkeep and maintenance of your asset to ensure that it is always in near new condition. We will pay for asset insurance as part of our role and replace anything that gets damaged or worn out along the way.

Most of the tent is extremely durable and engineered to last a long time. Certain things, such as the bedding materials will probably need replacing every 6 – 12 months.

What happens if things don’t go to plan with the Buckland Estate site?

That is a great question and if things don’t go as planned with this site, we have interest from other sites in the area to have this type of accommodation offering for similar events.

Rest assured, that there are plenty of opportunties to rent out these tents.

How do I sell my tent?

Its understandable that sometimes you need to get your money back for emergencies. You can contact us anytime to sell your tent. We will simply find someone else to buy it from you at the original price. This should take no more than a couple of weeks and chances are we already have some interested people waiting. 🙂 All details will be included in the contract to review.

I have a question that isn’t listed here?

Please send your question to todd@australas.com and we’ll get it answered right away 🙂

9th March 2020

The campaign will be launched and looking to complete the funding raise in 30 days time.

Please register your details with us and we’ll keep you posted on developments as they happen.

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